Cell Phones

by Annette Jäpelt

Skårup Seminarium, Denmark


The didactic proposal Cell phones presented here is a contribution to the LOSSTT-IN-MATH project. It consists of a comparison of different tariff plans available for mobile phone calls. The subject has been chosen, because it is a major part of pupils´ every day life and because it is a rather complicated subject with many variables. In treating this, the competences of problem treating and modeling can be developed. In the proposals the tariff plans will be looked at through mathematics notions. The proposal was piloted by the following partners: Skårup Seminarium, University of Pisa and IUFM of Paris. For the first two partners the following scheme was contained in the proposal: Introduction for teacher trainees. In groups teacher trainees are discussing how to make the best lesson plan for pupils. A lesson plan is made. Teacher trainees are piloting the proposal in school.

Main Piloting
by Annette Jäpelt

Second piloting
by Franco Favilli
University Centre for Educational Research and Training – CAFRE, University of Pisa, Italy

and Carlo Romanellii
Istituto Comprensivo “E. Pea”, Seravezza (LU), Italy

Third piloting
by Catherine Taveau
Institut Universitaire de Formation des Maîtres – IUFM of Paris, France

by Annette Jäpelt

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